The CCTC will host more events like the 2017 California Cyber Innovation Challenge in the future. We are currently developing our facilities, including a 100,000 sqare-foot warehouse that will host a variety of events and training simulations.

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The 2017 California Cyber Innovatino Challenge

June 24-25

The California Cyber Innovation Challenge (CCIC) is a state-level cyber security championship sponsored by the California governor's Go-Biz office. Cal Poly and the California Cyber Training Complex (CCTC) have been selected as the host of the CCIC for 2017 and 2018.

The CCIC is a two-part competition including a CyberPatriot challenge and a Digital Forensics Challenge. CyberPatriot (CP) is an established cyber security competition where students are given a drive image to apply security protocols to. The DFC event is influenced by the CCTC's initial training directive of supporting cyber training for law enforcement and the national guard. The DFC will require competitors to seize and search digital devices to put together a criminal case and defend that case to a judge.

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