Our Facilities

The Areas

  • Cyber Academic Training Center
    A state-of-the-art training and lecture facility that emphasizes hands-on cybersecurity and cyber forensics training.
  • Cyber Test Range and Experimental Laboratory
    A 100,000 square-foot facility to develop nextgeneration cyber forensics techniques and tactics, and simulate adversarial cyber activities during training exercises.
  • Central Coast Forensics Lab (CCFL)
    A joint task force of cyber forensic experts drawn from across California will collaborate and share best practices in this state-of-the-art cyber forensics facility.
  • Cyber Crime Field Training Complex (FTX)
    A field training facility to simulate active crime scenes use to develop, test, and train cybercrime prosecution tactics and techniques.

Camp San Luis Obispo

Camp San Luis Obispo provides critical infrastructure. Situated on California’s scenic central coast, Camp San Luis Obispo is the ideal location to host the California Cyber Training Complex

  • Central Location
    Offers state agencies a top-flight facility that is easily accessible
  • Proven Training Ground
    Multiple federal, state and local agencies already train thousands of first responders onsite annually
  • A Cyber Protection Base
    Home to the California National Guard’s Cyber Protection Team
  • Fiber Hub
    Sits on the second largest fiber hub in the U.S., which allows for high bandwidth communication and collaboration on data intensive problems
  • Partnering With Cal Poly
    A recognized leader in cybersecurity education, the university has two cyber labs, faculty and multiple partnerships with industry– crucial elements for workforce development and research

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100,000 sqft for cyber testing and research labs on top of the nations second largest fiber hub.


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