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In November 2016, CCTC hosted its first cyber forensics training class for first responders from 13 local agencies, including the San Luis Obispo County Sherriff’s Office, San Luis Obispo District Attorney’s Office, and the California Highway Patrol. During its first full year of operations, the program is expected to train 1,000 first-responders at Camp SLO.

Upcoming Classes

Digital Forensics for First Responders: CA Edition

Introduction to digital evidence collection and preservation

  • December 19 | 9am - 5pm  Postponed
  • Location: California Cyber Training Complex at Camp SLO
  • Cost: Free
  • Class size: 15 

Students will learn the basics of digital evidence collection/preservation and will receive a student manual, some digital evidence collection tools, and insight into new legislation impacting the legal aspects of digital evidence. The class features a combination of lecture and hands-on exercises to support a learn by doing approach.

Lunch can be purchased at the cafeteria on base for $8.

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More Information

Digital Forensics for First Responders: This awareness course is an introduction for first responders (officers, investigators, and supervisors) who have basic computer skills and have a need to learn the basics of identifying, preserving, and collecting digital evidence in accordance with California’s Electronic Communications Privacy Act. This class will provide training on the standards of preserving digital evidence for court; introduction to computer and component identification; legal issues related to the search and seizure of digital evidence; overview of the phases of digital forensics; data authentication; and the preservation and collection of digital evidence. This class provides specific examples of digital evidence found at crime scenes and covers topics such as remote storage and cloud computing. The course includes hands-on training and practical exercises that are designed to simulate criminal situations encountered by first responders. The exercises are designed to encompass the collection of digital evidence, preparing storage media for the collection of digital evidence and evidence authentication.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Use a computer in a forensically-sound condition and complete a successful forensic image of digital evidence.
  • Understand privacy laws and new legislation impacting the legal aspects of digital evidence.
  • Authenticate the digital evidence to be admissible in court.
  • Conduct a preliminary review of the forensic images, which provides insight into the future steps of a complete digital forensic analysis.
  • Download and build a forensically-sound, bootable USB thumb drive (First Responder Imager), which they will keep.
  • Be prepared for future classes in the field of digital evidence and computer forensics.

Lunch can be purchased at the Camp SLO dining facilities for $8 (cash only)

Contact Christine Williams at or (805) 756-1368 if you have questions.


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